IHS Newsletter - March 2018

IHS Newsletter 

Issue 19 -- March 2018 
Welcome to the 19th edition of the IHS Newsletter, our in-house online publication to update you on key IHS and related society activities. 

Please click here to visit the Newsletter section of the IHS website where you can view and download Issue 19 of the IHS Newsletter. 

In this issue 

Society Letter from the President 
Report of the Honorary Secretary 
Cephalalgia Highlights 2017  Key articles published in 2017 
Education and Juniors  Headache Trainee report 
Visiting Professor reports - Iran and Pakistan 
Short-stay scholarship reports 
Fellowship introductions 
Juniors' activities at IHC
IHS around the world Pakistan Headache Training Programmes 
Calendar of events / grant information  Key worldwide headache events 
Research opportunities 

For future IHS Newsletter issues, we welcome contributions from members. Please feel free to send ideas or comments to Carol Taylor. We welcome your feedback.